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So, yeah, you guys can check that out. Also I'm working on a lot of fics right now, so hopefully soon I'll be ready to put them up/parts of them up :)  
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Stolen from [ profile] boltschick2612, my WIPs~

[No title yet]

Pairing: Patrick Sharp/Patrick Kane

Story Described In Four Words: Daddy!kink PWP fic

Last Line Of Dialogue Written: “Fuck baby,” Sharpy whispered, leaning down, his chest pressed against Kaner’s back and his tongue reaching out to lick along Kaner’s earlobe.

Current Number Of Words: an oh so pathetic 44 words~

Progress: like 3%? lol

Last Four Words Written: lick along Kaner’s earlobe.

[No title yet either]

Pairing: Jonathan Toews/Patrick Kane

Story Described in four words: unrequited love angsty Kazer

Last Line of Dialogue written: This is gonna go nowhere,” he says, laughing.

Current number of words: yeah yeah, laugh all you want 836 words...I haven't written anything much in a while now :/

Progress: like 25%? I'm co-writing it sooooo

Last four words written: about what to do next.

[No title yet]

Pairing: Jonathan Toews/Patrick Kane

Story Described in four words: Joey is Jonny's kid

Last line of dialogue written: uhh.. it's too long >.< so I'm gonna give like last line or two of it..."Sometimes I feel like I’m just a sex toy for you, because off all the unemotional and unromantic crap you do. Seriously. I’m- I’m just leaving.”

Current number of words: bleh 336

Progress: like 8%? lol

Last four words written: 
really, really big understatement.


yup, that's about it....all Hawks fics lol, blame my friend for it!!! and tumblr, yeah...don't worry all angst and porn~
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So, yesterday, I decided to just write down all the fics I wanted to write, and basically here they are (and also, please please give me any ideas you can find!) :
and I hide my crap under the cut because there's a lot of it... )

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Ok, to start off with all my current fic writing stuff:

- Next part of the "I Should Run..." series should be up by tomorrow :D
- My shirtless Vinny fic which I'm writing for *someone* even though she isn't writing the next part..I have chosen the perfect idea for it, and the fic might not exactly be short. Warnings: spies!sex!twins! buuuuuuuut it might be a bit too gory for some people :/
- "Where'd You Go?" the sequel to "One Day" is on it's second part of the...uh...ten or something parts? Yeah, but I'm working on it, I'm working on it!
- More Sasha and Varly! :3

Prompts (please tell me if you're gonna do one of these :) ):

-(I imagined Sid [yes, Crosby] for this for some reason but whatever) You'll have to see the music video for Ryan Higa's "Nice Guys" then you'll understand it better. Anyway, so Sid's the kid (lol, pun not intended thought...get it? right? Sid the Kid, Sid's the kid? Ha ha? okay, I'm weird, I get it) [BACK TO THE PLOT] Sid's the kid who goes to this *informal* class being held by someone on "How To Pick Up Girls" and then the story basically follows along with a song, blah, blah, blah, etc. I was originally imagining this to be with a OFC, but if you want, you can do a hockey player or OMC. Whatever you wish!

- Something with Lapierre/Burrows, you know, FRENCH CONNECTION. Yeah, basically that.

- I have tons of songs which inspire me to write fics, so tons of prompts basically, if you want to know about any, you can just ask in the comments or message me. [I bet no one's gonna do that, but whatever~]

And I guess that's all I've got for now. So, yeah.

Oh! Wait, I almost forgot. RL stuff (skip if you want to): Okay, I rarely do this stuff, but nowadays I dunno if it's just me or what, but this place I'm at for a holiday, excluding the guys which are married/taken, I keeping on imagining that half of them are gay, and half of them are checking me out whenever I go somewhere. Why doth my mind worketh like that, Lord? *headdesk*

Now, this is all.
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I'm actually on the last section, and well over 7,000 words. I can't believe it either! I am so excited for this >:D the evil face should tell you that everything is very evilly planned by me muahahahahah! Anyway, if you're going to read it, or have read it you should know that I put the previous 2 chapters in this so it's going to be the whole story when I post it. Also, I'm only going to post it on 2mins4slashing! And I think I'll actually be done by the end of this week!! I feel so proud :') just ignore me and my lameness here lol~

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