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I am such a fucking idiot. I am procrastinating on things way too much. I'll never finish any of my fics, and I'm not going to finish writing my 10k fic by November 16th. So, yeah, 9k words with me won't work well. I suck at everything. Even my drawings aren't good, I should work more on them, I need to build up my stamina more because failing my classes isn't going to cut it. I don't care what anyone says, below 90% is not good, and Asian fail is still a fail. And, I am Asian failing right now. I make too many careless mistakes. My daily injuries are the only consistent things in my life. Mitt Romney is a fucking douchebag, and yes Obama isn't the person with the clean-est history either, but he's better. If I could vote, I'd vote for Obama, and no, it's not only because he's open to gays. I actually agree with other things he says. And also, Romney is such a fucking hypocrite. And my life sucks, and everything just sucks. KHL hockey unfortunately does not equal NHL hockey. Even Ak Bars and Dinamo Riga aren't enough to keep me happy. I don't even know if I'm happy or sad anymore. I'm in between I guess, never really happy, but never really sad either. I think I'm funny, but my jokes have been getting worse and I growing so perverted by each second I can't even. Everything just hurts and nothing is okay. Ignore my rambles and mindless life worries. I may look okay on the outside, but I'm not so good on the outside. It's not like I don't try. And, no, I'm not depressed or anything. I'm just in between. I've been thinking way too much about "what if"s and it's the ones in which I die then what all eventually leads up to me wanting to die so I don't have to see anymore of my family members die. Or anyone die honestly. Anyway, I'm just going to drown my sorrows by watching Phantom of the Opera. 
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So, yesterday, I decided to just write down all the fics I wanted to write, and basically here they are (and also, please please give me any ideas you can find!) :
and I hide my crap under the cut because there's a lot of it... )

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Ok, to start off with all my current fic writing stuff:

- Next part of the "I Should Run..." series should be up by tomorrow :D
- My shirtless Vinny fic which I'm writing for *someone* even though she isn't writing the next part..I have chosen the perfect idea for it, and the fic might not exactly be short. Warnings: spies!sex!twins! buuuuuuuut it might be a bit too gory for some people :/
- "Where'd You Go?" the sequel to "One Day" is on it's second part of the...uh...ten or something parts? Yeah, but I'm working on it, I'm working on it!
- More Sasha and Varly! :3

Prompts (please tell me if you're gonna do one of these :) ):

-(I imagined Sid [yes, Crosby] for this for some reason but whatever) You'll have to see the music video for Ryan Higa's "Nice Guys" then you'll understand it better. Anyway, so Sid's the kid (lol, pun not intended thought...get it? right? Sid the Kid, Sid's the kid? Ha ha? okay, I'm weird, I get it) [BACK TO THE PLOT] Sid's the kid who goes to this *informal* class being held by someone on "How To Pick Up Girls" and then the story basically follows along with a song, blah, blah, blah, etc. I was originally imagining this to be with a OFC, but if you want, you can do a hockey player or OMC. Whatever you wish!

- Something with Lapierre/Burrows, you know, FRENCH CONNECTION. Yeah, basically that.

- I have tons of songs which inspire me to write fics, so tons of prompts basically, if you want to know about any, you can just ask in the comments or message me. [I bet no one's gonna do that, but whatever~]

And I guess that's all I've got for now. So, yeah.

Oh! Wait, I almost forgot. RL stuff (skip if you want to): Okay, I rarely do this stuff, but nowadays I dunno if it's just me or what, but this place I'm at for a holiday, excluding the guys which are married/taken, I keeping on imagining that half of them are gay, and half of them are checking me out whenever I go somewhere. Why doth my mind worketh like that, Lord? *headdesk*

Now, this is all.

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