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Title: Don't Cry, I'm Here For You
Pairing: Vincent Lecavalier/Brad Richards
Rating: G
Disclaimer: I don't own any of the characters mentioned in this fic. If you have reached here by searching yourself, your mate, your pet, your friend, your relative or if you are a professional hockey player who is tied to the NHL lockout, I suggest you close this tab, shut down your computer, go outside and forget about this. 
Summary: "I cried every day for the first two weeks. I called home every day. It was okay at night. But if I'd wake up early sometimes and look around and realize I wasn't home, I'd cry till I fell back to sleep. Once the alarm clock goes off and everybody's getting ready to go to school, you're busy. No time to think about it."

Author's Note: I tried to make it sound like a teenager's mind, but this was the best I could come up with. Here is the reason for why this fic even exists. Un-beta'd so blame all mistakes on me...and that's it, I think. So, enjoy!

The one in which Vinny comforts Brad during their first year together at Notre Dame. )

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Title: During The Weekend
Pairing: Claude Giroux/Steven Stamkos
Rating: NC - 17
Summary: Some interesting things happened to Steven during the ASG weekend...
Author's Note: This was the first fic I posted on LJ, but then the image below came floating on my tumblr dash and an idea sparked in my head. So I went back to the fic, editted and made it better, so here it is now. The fic definitely improved from what it was before, and also, I deleted that fic entry so you wouldn't find it if you go looking for it. Enjoy :)

The All Star Weekend, after a long wait, had finally arrived. )

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