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kpop fics masterlist

i thought abt just adding the fics onto my hockey one but.. yeah, no. too much bad stuff in there.

the fics are listed in no particular order aside from being separated by fandoms.

as for the fics including yoochun - i have yet to remove them, but whenever the final results/answers come out, i'll remove or keep accordingly.


accidentally okay | suho/kai | nc-17 | 2,202 words
weddings aren't really joonmyun's cup of tea, considering some accident involving him always happens when he's at one. (originally written for [ profile] suholiday here)

bitterness | suho-centric | pg | 527 words
he watches his friends dance and sing on the screen, and he can feel the moves underneath his fingertips. he remembers them all.

나의 천사 | implied!suho/chen | pg-13 | 1,111 words
junmi's never really been especially good at anything. she's always been just mediocre. (prompt from [ profile] baoziboy in [ profile] femmexo)

case number #forgotten | suho-centric | pg-13 | 804 words
just like that, joonmyun's existence is washed away. (warnings: character death, self-hate, depression)

office affairs | lay/luhan | nc-17 | 2,761 words
basically a PWP based on this (ao3 - fixed ver. / lj - original ver.; warnings: femslash, cunnilingus, face sitting)

再次分开 | kris/suho | pg | 557 words
it's been so long. (krisho angst series)

我也是 | kris/suho | pg | 488 words
he voice he wants to hear the most isn't in the song. however, yifan can hear it still. (krisho angst series)

my master, my cruel lover | kris/suho | r/nc-17 | 2,610 words
raising his eyebrow once more, the man answers joonmyun, "because i intend to make full use of you. killing you is no fun when there are so many other things i can do with you. do to you." (originally written for [ profile] angelforalien here; warnings: dub-con/non-con; violence, orgasm denial, OOC krisho)

'cause all of me, loves all of you | kris/suho | pg | 586 words
the one, whom he selfishly hopes, still cares for him as much. (krisho angst series)

colour me like that red sunset | kris/suho | nc-17 | 4,500 words
It's been about two weeks since Yifan's gotten laid in any way and he's slightly deprived and fully in denial that the lack of sex is because of the one night stand he had just about two weeks ago. (originally written for [ profile] yifantasy here)

तुझे भुला दिया | suho/tao | g | 2,277 words
and junmyeon- junmyeon always listened, always understood. he improved his korean and junmyeon tried his best with mandarin and they found middle ground.

your hand, in mine | suho/chen/lay | pg-13 | 1,416 words
junmyeon tries to make himself feel better by thinking that yixing's probably resting, hasn't had the time to go on his phone and text him or jongdae about how he's doing. instead, it makes him even more worried. (originally written for round 2 of [ profile] 91daes; remix of mitsyukyu's 'Stay For A While')

your heart burning white hot is my place | suho/xiumin; suho/xiumin/luhan | nc-17 | 3,909 words
If Junmyeon’s hand slightly brushes past Minseok’s ass during their Playboy performance, then Minseok’s hand rests warm and solid against his sweaty abs during the same performance, the heat slipping through the thin fabric of the shirt. (originally written for [ profile] seokmonsters here; *WIP)

my life blossoms in just one moment | suho/luhan | pg-13 | 2,025 words
"So, you want our son to become, what, Darth Vader?" (originally written for [ profile] suhoneyfest; also here)

we're close friends (we pretend to not have feelings) | suho/xiumin | nc-17 | 5,698 words
"Tell me hyung," Baekhyun gently presses on, resting his hand on Minseok's shoulder before moving down to hold on to Minseok's hand. "You know the answer to this, don't you?" (also originally written for [ profile] suhoneyfest; here too)

we'll be the lucky ones | chanyeol/d.o; chanyeol/d.o/chen | nc-17 | 1,791 words
Chanyeol's been restless, so restless, acting up and tugging on Kyungsoo's ear, patting Jongdae's ass, just for some attention. He needs, he wants, to be disciplined. (warnings: dom/sub; threesome; spanking)

a little closer (hold me tight) | suho/sehun; suho/kai; suho/sehun/kai | nc-17 | 5,446 words
Sehun and Jongin make a bet—have a competition—about who can have more of any kind of sex with Junmyeon on Friday night. Junmyeon finds out about it by the end of Saturday night, but doesn't stop them. (originally written for [ profile] xunmian round 2016 here; warnings: polyarmory, lot of smut including rimming/ass eating, blowjobs, dry humping, shower sex, slight voyeurism and come swallowing)

butterfly, i will search for you | suho/lay | nc-17 | 3,493 words
“Yixing.” Junmyeon looked up at the new voice. The woman at whom Junmyeon had been stealing glances at all night was right in front of her. “That’s my name.” (originally written for [ profile] playboys0408 here; warnings: femslash, cunnilingus, tribbing, praise kink)

matargashti | suho/baekhyun/kai | pg-13 | 801 words
"Jongin," Baekhyun begins, his fingers lacing together with Jongin's jittery ones. "You've been married to Junmyeon for three years now. You should be used to the embarrassment. Get over it." (warnings: polyarmory)

put my hands on you | suho/xiumin/chen | nc-17 | 1,877 words
They do it whenever one of them achieves his goal. This time, it's Junmyeon. (warnings: polyarmory, cum swapping, praise kink, rimming and blow jobs (deep throating), swallowing cum too..)

like ice, your embraced heart slowly starts to thaw | suho/xiumin | pg | 1,583 words
The first time Junmyeon does aegyo for Minseok, it's completely unexpected and Minseok is the one who flushes. (co-written with [ profile] leaderbae)

i am you, you are me | kris/suho | pg(-13?) | 1,181 words
yifan is tall, junmyeon is short. yifan has big hands, junmyeon's are smaller. yifan has left exo, junmyeon is still with them.

untitled | suho/d.o | pg-13 | 340 words
coffee shop/barista au drabble (written for [ profile] dessert_spoons)

so beautiful that i can't resist | luhan/xiumin | nc-17 | 937 words
inspired by the gif in this tweet; here (pwp written for [ profile] oneforyourfire; warnings: penetrative sex (minseok riding luhan) + fingering while cock in ass)

我们的明天 | suho/xiumin | pg-13 | 2,536 words
The water guardian's gone missing, and the only person who can reach to him is Minseok, the ice guardian. (originally written for [ profile] teenyhyungs; *needs fixing - WIP)

i see you | suho/luhan | pg-13 | 2,196 words
there's a hole in the wall. a window to his (beautiful and) annoying neighbor's life. joonmyun did not need this. (originally written for [ profile] suholiday; *needs fixing - WIP)

baby are you ready for me | luhan/xiumin | pg(-13?) | 877 words
because of this. and other harper bazaar posts/tweets. (here)


i'm sorry; | top/daesung | pg | 548 words
i'm sorry daesung-ah, i'm sorry. (additional notes: written in a poem-ish format)

silent (speechless) | broken!gdragon/seungri; gdragon/ofc; seungri/ofc | pg-13 | 1,319 words
Somehow, their conversations always end up like this. No matter what they start off talking about, the end is always the same.


2 am baking sessions | jaejoong/yoochun | pg-13 | 1,128 words
"It’s 2 am but you’re craving cake and we’re both up anyway so let’s bake in our underwear AU" (written for the christmas in july jaechun collection)

tasetful dinners | jaejoong/yoochun | pg-13 | 1,663 words
It's one week before his enlistment, and Yoochun and Junsu have invited themselves over for dinner. At Jaejoong's apartment. And Jaejoong's making dinner. (also written for the christmas in july jaechun collection)

fish | yunho/yoochun | pg | 539 words
"today i heard 2 kids talking about buying fake IDs after school and so i started eavesdropping cuz u know thats big kid stuff and then one was like “yeah but is all this really worth it like im pretty sure the fake IDs cost more than the fish we r gonna buy”

gotta talk to u | yunho/changmin | pg-13 | 1,885 words
Ironically enough, it happens on their wedding day. (birthday present for boonies)


you're driving me crazy | kyuhyun/suho | nc-17 | 3,555 words
kyuhyun gets a bit more than what he expected for his birthday. (originally written for [ profile] smtheficathon here)

open arms | jonghyun/suho | pg-13 | 1,466 words
"just-" he hesitates, taking a few shaky, deep breaths. "i feel like i'm doing something wrong."

feelings deepened | gunhee/heechul; jaejoong/yoochun | pg-13 | 1,620 words
The real backstory of GunHeechul's trip to L.A. (written for boonies)

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