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office affairs

Title: Office Affairs
Rating: NC-17
Pairing(s)/Character(s): Lay/Luhan
Length: 2,775 words
Summary: basically a PWP based on this
Warning/s: lesbian porn, idk if that really is a warning though i mean who doesn't enjoy girl on girl smut
Notes: written for the one and only jae/julia (nerdyixing aka [ profile] juliella), they're amazing ;u;
i still can't believe i ended up writing almost 3k words of lesbian porn
also this was finished past 5am in the morning and not proof read properly so all mistakes are mine
yes this is both female luhan and female yixing
the relationship is established
lu hei is luhan
and yiyin is yixing
also, this is what lu hei is wearing - lingerie and dressing gown

“And may I ask why exactly do you need me to come along with you?” Lu Hei smirks, leaning back on her chair, one eyebrow up questioningly as she looks at her boss.

Yiyin sighs. “You know how forgetful I am Hei.”

“Yes, and that’s exactly why I am your secretary Ms. Zhang,” the smirk still rests on Lu Hei’s face.

“That’s why I need you, I might forget something important during the trip or-” Yiyin groans, running a hand through her straightened black shoulder length hair. “You know why I need you.”

“Is that the only reason Ms. Zhang,” Lu Hei leans forward on her desk, arms crossed. “That you need me?”

“Oh my god. Just pack your bags for Hong Kong. No more questioning,” Yiyin replies, turning and walking back into her office so that Lu Hei doesn’t have a chance to respond.

Lu Hei laughs softly to herself, teasing Yiyin is a daily pleasure that she never gets enough of. Segregating the office files, she makes sure to add the Hong Kong business trip to her schedule as well, shifting the meetings and appointments around to make space. She double checks that all of the recipients and clients are aware of the changes before turning off the lights in her office and packing her handbag to leave.

It’s slightly windy outside and Lu Hei can’t help but shiver as she feels the cold wind blow against her pencil skirt. She should’ve worn stockings, at least that would’ve protected her from the cold a bit more.

The chilly wind, however, is forgotten when she looks up to see a familiar figure leaning against a black Mercedes. The person’s clad in heeled boots and a coat, waiting for Lu Hei.

Lu Hei fast walks to the car, smiling as she nears the person.

“Have I kept you waiting for long?” Lu Hei questions once she’s in front of her partner, offering a pleasant smile.

“No, it’s okay,” the female replies. “Get in now, it’s cold.”

“Yes boss,” Lu Hei replies, her lips curling into a smirk, anticipating the groan and retort in response.

Lu Hei isn’t disappointed when she hears the noise coming from her girlfriend.

“I’m only your boss during work. How many times do I have to tell you that?” Her girlfriend says, starting the car and pulling out of the parking lot.

“Oh, only during work?” Lu Hei innocently asks, facing the driver. “How about in the bedroom, Yiyin?”

“Fuck you,” Yiyin curses, trying to keep the frown on her face as she feels a smile itching on the corners of her lips.

“I hope you plan to,” Lu Hei replies, laughing as she looks at her girlfriend’s expression turn sour at her comment.


The business trip in Hong Kong goes fairly well. The negotiations with the hopefully-soon-to-be-partnered company going as per agenda and schedule. Yiyin is a bit stressed out, but she doesn’t forget about anything. Her usually distracted mind is sharp and accurate as it always is when she’s in her CEO mode.

Lu Hei doesn’t do much except stand by her side and provide her with papers and files she needs. During night, in their shared hotel room, she massages Yiyin’s shoulders and back, rubbing out all the tension and frustration that’s built up over the day.

It’s their last night in Hong Kong, after all the deals are signed and contracts negotiated, and thankfully, they’re both not too tired and strung out. Lu Hei orders a bottle of expensive wine from the hotel’s room service and sets up the room while waiting for Yiyin to finish showering.

She doesn’t do much to prepare, just lights a few scented candles around their bedroom and dims the lights. When she hears a knock against the door, she rushes out of the bedroom, throwing on a robe over her black lingerie set.

The ivory of the robe makes the slight parts of her lingerie that aren’t covered up, stand out, especially the lace ones. When Lu Hei speed walks to the door, her robe, which rests mid thigh, moves, revealing the small bands at the bottom of her lingerie.

She opens the door slightly, accepting the wine bottle and tipping the room service boy generously. She notices him blush as his eyes roam down to look at the slight cleavage and lace that’s been exposed from her loosely tied gown.

She smirks and winks at him, watching him stutter a mixed up ‘you’re welcome’ and ‘thank you’ before rushing away. She laughs softly to herself, closing the door and walking over to the small kitchen where the wine glasses are kept.

Picking two of them up along with the bottle, she walks back to the bedroom. Lu Hei lets out a gasp as she looks at the scene in front of her. She wasn’t expecting this.

Yiyin’s already out of the shower and lying down naked on the bed, her towel discarded on the floor. Her hair is slightly damp from the shower and her body is glistening in the glow of the candlelights. Yiyin’s eyes are closed, head resting against the pillows, legs open and her fingers rubbing slowly against her pussy that’s getting increasingly wetter with each brush of her fingers.

Lu Hei can hear the soft sighs and whimpers Yiyin makes as she walks towards the bed quietly. She places the wine glasses and bottle on the bedside table, and leans over to kiss Yiyin, easily slipping her tongue past Yiyin’s parted lips.

Lu Hei hears a sharp intake of breath from Yiyin as she pulls back and removes her dressing gown, letting her girlfriend’s eyes rake over her lingerie clad body.

“Fuck Lu Hei,” Yiyin whispers, her hands coming up to touch Lu Hei’s body, pulling her girlfriend on top to straddle her.

“Is that your intention? Because I’m in full support of it,” Lu Hei replies, leaning forward to kiss Yiyin once more.

“Hei,” Yiyin whines and her girlfriend giggles in return, pecking Yiyin’s lips.

Lu Hei settles herself on top of Yiyin so that her knee is in between her girlfriend’s open legs and bends to capture Yiyin’s lips in another kiss.

Yiyin moans into the kiss as Lu Hei’s knee presses softly against her heat. Lu Hei feels the vibrations run through her own body as she begins to rub her knee insistently against Yiyin’s wet pussy.

Yiyin's hands entangle themselves in Lu Hei's long, soft blonde hair as she bucks her hips against her girlfriend's knee. Lu Hei grins at Yiyin's actions and teasing, pulls her knee away. A displeased noise comes from Yiyin and she and pulls the blonde's hair, getting a low groan and a laughter following it in return.

"We have time," Hei whispers, her lips wet and swollen against her girlfriend's ear. "Let's take this slower, hm?"

And Yiyin can't find it in herself to disagree when she feels the blonde run her teeth along Yiyin's earlobe, biting it lightly and then moving down to her neck. Lu Hei sucks a column of hickeys down her girlfriend's neck, the marks bright red in contrast to Yiyin's pale skin.

Lu Hei then begins to move down the younger girl's body, leaving a trail of wet kisses and little red marks that will eventually fade away. She stops at Yiyin's breasts and takes her time fondling them, rolling the nipples between her fingers and sucking the hardened nubs until Yiyin gets impatient.

Hei's next stop is at Yiyin's navel, where the younger had gotten a piercing done so she is extra sensitive there. The blonde tugs at the piercing - a small, silver ring - with her tongue and then runs her tongue over the navel, eliciting moans from her partner. The hands in the blonde's hair tighten their hold and pull the strands harder.

Lu Hei hums in response and continues her way down, but not before pulling at the ring one last time with her teeth, grinning at the shudder that runs through her girlfriend's body. Lu Hei's hands grip Yiyin's thighs when she reaches her final destination. Hei can feel arousal burn through her body when she stares at her girlfriend's pussy, dripping and inviting.

The blonde doesn't hesitate or delay now, except for the small kisses she places on both the inner thighs of her girlfriend. Lu Hei licks a strip along the folds, moaning when she tastes Yiyin's juices on her tongue.

Yiyin whimpers at the vibrations she feels when her girlfriend moans and pushes Lu Hei's face closer to her heat. Lu Hei's not one to reject the offer and uses one hand to open the folds, her mouth wrapping itself around the clit and sucking it softly. Yiyin gasps at the sharp spikes of pleasure and arches her hips closer to Hei's face.

Gently, Lu Hei inserts a finger into Yiyin, pulling back to kiss her clit and then around her pussy. She pumps the finger in and out of Yiyin's core, slowly increasing the speed and soon adding another finger. Below her, the younger girl is a mess, writhing and moaning uncontrollably at her girlfriend's ministrations.

Adding a third finger, Lu Hei starts scissoring her fingers, looking for that one special spot that will have her girlfriend completely putty in her hands. And it doesn't take long for Hei to find it - she knows Yiyin's body so well, and she knows exactly what buttons to push to have Yiyin undone.

Yiyin lets out a strangled noise, a mix between a whimper and a moan, when Lu Hei increases the pressure against her g-spot. Her hips rise to meet each thrust of Hei's fingers and her mouth falls open in a silent scream when Lu Hei starts sucking and nibbling at her clit again.

The blonde feels herself getting wet, her juices dampening her lingerie, at all the noises her girlfriend's making. So she sucks harder, thrusts her fingers faster, hitting the g-spot perfectly each time. Lu Hei's set on getting off her girlfriend and doesn't stop even after she hears the younger scream, hands now clutching at the bedsheets, white knuckled, and hips lifted off the bed as she comes, her body shaking. Hei continues to lick and suck as the come drips down her chin and onto the bedsheets, and is only stopped when Yiyin, oversensitive and whining, pushes her away.

Lu Hei grins at the sight of her girlfriend, pupils blown wide and her chest rising and falling fast as she tries to catch her breath. Yiyin looks completely spent and Lu Hei stands on her knees, looking at the black haired girl, proud of her work.

When Yiyin's gaze falls on her girlfriend who's looking down on her with a grin, she feels a smile stretching across her face at how obscene Lu Hei looks smiling like that with Yiyin's come covering her mouth and chin. Yiyin can't resist it and wraps her arms around the blonde's neck, pulling her down to kiss her. She doesn't mind the taste of her own come, especially when she gets it from kissing her girlfriend.

"My turn," Lu Hei whispers, pulling only slightly back so she can still lean her head against Yiyin's.

Hei balances herself on her knees again, her hands traveling back to unzip her lingerie when Yiyin stops her.

"Don't," and Yiyin's voice sounds rough, scratchy from the groaning and screaming. "Just come here," the younger one motions, grabbing her girlfriend's waist and pulling her until her pussy is right above Yiyin's face.

Lu Hei gasps, letting herself be man-handled by Yiyin. "Fuck Yiyin."

"I thought the plan was to fuck you, not me," Yiyin retorts, the smirk sounding in her voice and Lu Hei snorts.

"Look who's getting sassy here now," Lu Hei mutters, shifting and placing her hands on the bed for more balance. "You sure you don't want me to take this off?"

"Yeah, I like seeing you wear the things I buy for you," Yiyin replies, nosing her girlfriend's heat.

"Fuck," Hei whispers and spreads her knees a bit further apart, bringing her core closer to Yiyin.

Yiyin licks her lips before she presses her lips against the soft nylon underwear, eliciting another curse from her girlfriend. The younger girl smiles, and continues to lick and kiss the blonde's pussy through the underwear, tasting the juices as they soak the piece of cloth.

"More, Yiyin," Lu Hei's breaths coming in short pants and gasps now. "Please."

And Yiyin can't refuse when Lu Hei resorts to begging. It's such a beautiful sight to watch her usually organized secretary fall apart and come undone.

Yiyin uses one hand to push the underwear to a side and the other to hold onto Lu Hei's thigh as she brings Hei down to lick against her folds. And finally, finally Lu Hei has some direct pressure against her heat and she can't help but whimper as Yiyin continues.

Yiyin can never ever get enough of the blonde, of the tangy taste and how her thighs shake when Yiyin pulls lightly and sucks Hei's clit, kissing it after. And the younger girl doesn't wait to plunge her tongue inside her girlfriend next, reveling in the tight heat that encases her tongue. She doesn't give Lu Hei time to react properly and moves her tongue deeper, motivated by the noises and strings of curses that slip out of the blonde's mouth.

"Yiyin, Yiyin, Yiyin," Lu Hei chants her girlfriend's name like it's the only thing left on her mind - and maybe it is. And the younger in response moves her fast mouth across the blonde's pussy, the juices dripping down on her face and Yiyin loves this so much, loves Lu Hei so much.

Both the women know that Lu Hei won't last for long now, already near to the edge after eating out Yiyin, and that just further pushes the younger one to do better and to bring her girlfriend to the edge faster. Yiyin doesn't wait for a moment and uses all the tricks she knows, and Lu Hei can't control herself anymore as she grinds her hips down against her girlfriend's mouth.

"Don't stop, fuck Yiyin, you're so good at this," Lu Hei moans. "So good, so good, so good."

Yiyin grins, and she knows exactly what to do to bring the blonde to her orgasm. So, Yiyin hums and moans, and Lu Hei shivers and lets out an obscenely porny moan at the vibrations she feels on her clit. And then Lu Hei's thighs are shaking and her breathing is heavy as she whispers Yiyin's name like a mantra, and she's coming all over her girlfriend's face.

Yiyin's hold on Hei's thigh tightens and she insistently sucks on her clit, lapping up all the juices as the dribble down her face. When Yiyin finishes cleaning up Lu Hei, she gently covers her pussy with the piece of underwear and repositions Hei so they're flat against each other.

The younger's hands rest on Hei's waist and back of the neck as the two exchange slow and languid kisses, mixed with each other's come and taste. Lu Hei's hands run down the younger's arm and take hold of her hands, bringing them to the zipper of her lingerie.

Yiyin gets the message and pulls down the zipper, easily taking off the piece of clothing with her girlfriend's help and drops it somewhere on the floor next to her towel and Hei's dressing gown.

"I love you," Yiyin whispers, kissing Lu Hei once again - and she'll never get tired of this, the soft press of their lips together.

"Hmm…I know," Hei whispers back and continues to press light kisses all over Yiyin's face and down her neck. "And I love you too," Lu Hei adds, chuckling, when Yiyin hits her arm.


It's been two months since their trip to Hong Kong and things are going well with the merge with the other company. Their plans for events together are turning out better than expected.

Lu Hei's just finishing up the last few scheduling and conference arrangements for the day when she hears heels click clacking against the marble tiling of the office floor, coming closer to her desk.

"Pack your bags," the owner of the heels speaks. "We have a trip to Nanjing coming up."

"You need me to help you again?" Lu Hei teases, raising her head to look at her boss. "So you won't forget 'stuff'?" She uses air quotes with her fingers with the word stuff.

Her boss grins in response.



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