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Title: Colour Me Like That Red Sunset
Ship(s): Suho/Yifan
Rating: NC-17
Word count: 4,500 words
Warning/s: smut, lu han (being himself)
Summary: It's been about two weeks since Yifan's gotten laid in any way and he's slightly deprived and fully in denial that the lack of sex is because of the one night stand he had just about two weeks ago.
Notes: originally written for [ profile] yifantasy over here. the prompt was "Yifan had a one night stand with Junmyeon. It's been a while since he had sex and he felt like meeting Junmyeon again. Yifan didn't expect to find Junmyeon greeting him a week later at his office, introducing himself as the CEO's son." (it's been slightly tweaked) --- also title's from Day6's song "Colours"~

(It’s not that weird to have a favorite one night stand. Is it?)

**also a sidenote, i'll probably be posting fics more on ao3 if they're from fic exchanges -- also depends on when i get around to fixing and x-posting those fics bc i still have 2 which i have to fix and x-post. usually though i'll still post them on here.
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Title: Office Affairs
Rating: NC-17
Pairing(s)/Character(s): Lay/Luhan
Length: 2,775 words
Summary: basically a PWP based on this
Warning/s: lesbian porn, idk if that really is a warning though i mean who doesn't enjoy girl on girl smut
Notes: written for the one and only jae/julia (nerdyixing aka [ profile] juliella), they're amazing ;u;
i still can't believe i ended up writing almost 3k words of lesbian porn
also this was finished past 5am in the morning and not proof read properly so all mistakes are mine
yes this is both female luhan and female yixing
the relationship is established
lu hei is luhan
and yiyin is yixing
also, this is what lu hei is wearing - lingerie and dressing gown

“Is that the only reason Ms. Zhang,” Lu Hei leans forward on her desk, arms crossed. “That you need me?” )

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