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Title: 나의 천사
Rating: PG-13
Pairing(s)/Character(s): implied Suho/Chen
Length: 1,111 words
Summary: (prompt from [ profile] baoziboy in [ profile] femmexo) +Joonmyeon has no idea what to do when she gets called an angel by Person A
Warning/s: none really? except this is a really dumb drabble-fic which essentially doesn't really have a plot
Notes: this drabble-fic doesn't really follow the prompt much tbh??? i mean i kind of built upon the prompt and yeah idk, i hope this is still ok though ;__; i haven't proof read it or had it beta'd so all mistakes are mine~ and btw, junghee is jongdae, junmi is junmyeon, baekhee is baekhyun, kyungri is kyungsoo and chansoon is chanyeol ^^

junmi's never really been especially good at anything. she's always been just mediocre. to be honest, there's never been a reason for her to believe that she's better than just mediocre. she's always been told - reminded - repeatedly that she's just okay, she's good enough but not great. that she'll make the cut, but there are better people out there than her.

so when junghee whispers, "you're such an angel junmi, bless you!" to her after junmi helps her by giving her the extra pad she brought with her (she always has an extra one in her bag for situations like this), all junmi manages to respond with is a slightly stuttered "thank you" as her face heats up.

junghee simply takes the offered sanitary napkin from junmi's hand and flashing a bright smile towards the girl, turns and makes her way to the girl's bathroom. when junghee comes out, feeling much more comfortable with the new pad, she notices that junmi's still standing outside, probably waiting for junghee.

truth be told, junmi wasn't actually waiting for junhee but she had just been so stunned by being called an "angel", a praise that she had never expected to receive, that she had just stood frozen outside the bathroom. however, she was brought out of her surprise when junghee cheerly said, "you didn't have to wait for me angel!"

junmi shakes her head, her fingers pushing the hair strands falling out of her headband behind her ear as she bit her lips and nervously replied, "a- angel? me?"

"of course! i'm going to call you angel from now on~ you're my life saver junmi!" junghee said, slight disbelief lacing her tone as it was so obvious to everyone how incredible junmi was.

"life saver?" junmi whispered, more to herself. "isn't that a bit too much?" a nervous chuckle following the question she directed at junghee, looking at the other girl's face which was lit up with a kittenish smile.

junghee shook her head, giggling. "you're cute angel~" her voice lilting at 'angel' as she hooked her arm with junmi's and dragged her down the hallway and towards the cafeteria. they still had about 15 minutes left for their lunch and junmi usually worked on her student council stuff (she was actually the vice president but since the president was a lazy jackass who was only voted president because he was popular, all the work was pushed on her), but seeing as it was friday and she had nothing much to do she figured going with junghee wasn't bad. also she didn't feel like she had a choice with the hold junghee had on her and the way she was talking a million words a minute - too fast for junmi to catch anything that was being said.

junghee went straight to her friends when they entered the cafeteria, but she didn't forget junmi behind and instead took her along.

"baekhee, chansoon, kyungri - this is junmi, or what i like to call her, angel~" junghee introduced junmi to her friends, putting the lilt on 'angel' again.

it was almost as if it was on automatic that when junghee called junmi an angel, her cheeks flared a bright red. junmi could hear baekhee and chansoon giggle at her blushing face and see kyungri smirk, her eyes flitting back and forth between the two petite girls.

"hi junmi, i'm kyungri," the wide eyed girl introduced herself first, waving to her and letting a small smile rest on her face. kyungri looked a bit intimidating to junmi at first, but the smaller black haired girl still looked pretty nice and welcoming.

junmi smiled and bowed her head slightly in return and then turned to face the other two girls who were sitting on the table as they introduced themselves.

"hi angel! i'm chansoon and this little one here is baekhee," chansoon exclaimed, gesturing to the light brown haired girl sitting next to her and glaring daggers in chansoon's direction.

"ahem, hi junmi - i'm baekhee and i'm not short, i'm petite and wonderful," baekhee greeted the blushing girl. "and chansoon here is like an overly excited beagle, don't mind her."

chansoon made a protesting noise as she swallowed down the french fries, waving her greasy fingers in baekhee's direction. kyungri snorted at the exchange whereas junghee just grinned and pulled junmi along with her, their arms still linked.

"so tell me angel, what do you have next?" junghee asked, sitting down and getting her life saver to sit next to her.

"um, biology with mr. choi in room A104," junmi replied, mentally cursing at her face which was a bright red now and willing for the blush to go away as it came back when junghee called her 'angel'.

"really?" junghee questioned, shocked. "then i'm in the same class as you! how did i not know that??"

junmi bit her lip and nodded along, her gaze falling to the floor. no one really noticed her, so it wasn't much of a surprise to her that someone like junghee, so energetic and pretty, hadn't noticed her.

"anyhow, that's great! come, let's walk to class together angel~" junghee said, not waiting for the latter's response as she hooked their arms together again and pulled her up. she waved to her friends and then tugged junmi along with her.

"be safe!" chansoon crooned after them, and kyungri in return slapped her arm while shaking her head.

"they're going to biology! what are they gonna do there? experiment in what different ways can humans have sexual intercourse??" baekhee snorted while chansoon sheepishly shrugged and smiled in response.

by that time though, junghee and junmi were already out of the cafeteria so they had (thankfully) missed the idiocy of junghee's friends.

throughout the class and after class, as the two girls walked home together, junmi found herself not minding the way the kittenish girl took the lead and filled the silence with her words, it was quite comforting in fact. and perhaps the best thing was that junghee never showed that she expected a lot or more from junmi, she was satisfied with the way junmi was.

and perhaps that was the biggest relief and the best gift junmi ever got out of having an extra pad in her bag.

(maybe the best gift was also junghee becoming junmi's girlfriend which junmi thought she never deserved, and then junghee always made her believe that she was better than good enough and feel loved.)

(and of course the best part also included kyungri, baekhee and chansoon - they all in a way completed junmi and most importantly made her love herself.)


Date: 2014-06-27 04:58 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
Oh my goodness...

Their relationship started with a pad. That's like the most girly way to meet someone. But touching, still. It'd be so easy to just let some poor girl resort to toilet paper or something rather than help out. Those mean-type girls, you know.

Which is obviously not Junmi, the angel~

Baekhee and Chansoon were a delight. Petite and wonderful with her best friend, a Beagle. (And their chaperone, Kyungri. Keeps 'em in line.)

I love how you worked the prompt. I did not expect something as cute as this. they all in a way completed junmi and most importantly made her love herself. They're the angel's wings and halo.


Date: 2014-07-01 08:06 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
idek why i chose pad, this was written in the middle of the day and my brain only slightly works during late night (past midnight) so--

but thank you ;;;;; i'm glad you liked this~ (and is this cute? really? did i finally manage to write something cute??)

Date: 2014-07-01 10:50 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
This is super duper cute, okay? Trust me. I may have questionable taste, but I know cute.

I think the pad idea is rather unique, venturing into that somewhat unmentionable girly business. It worked. And it's memorable.

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